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The relationship between Angela Montenegro and Jack Hodgins goes on and off but finally, towards the end of the fifth season, after being held in jail together, they get married in their jail cell.


Ever since the beginning of the series, Hodgins has seemed to always secretly like Angela. In The Girl with the Curl, Hodgins asks Angela on a swing date. In the episode Aliens in a Spaceship Hodgins admitted to Bones that he was in love with Angela. In The Priest in the Churchyard, Hodgins asks her to move in with him. As of the episode Spaceman in a Crater, Hodgins has proposed to Angela twice, but even though she admits she loves him, she turns down his proposals because something doesn't "feel" right.

Hodgins surprises Angela with a "Be My Love" proposal using shrimp, and claims he loves their relationship just as it is. Angela is elated, and asks Hodgins to marry her immediately. He accepts, but their wedding is cut short when it is revealed that Angela was technically already married in Fiji.

In season 5, they are arrested because Hodgins is "driving like an old lady" and sent to jail where they bond and realized that they shouldn't have broken up. When they are finally released, they decide to get married in the jail cell. Later in the season, they tell everyone that they are going to France because they don't want to work without Booth and Bones. They return from France pregnant in The Mastodon in the Room.

In the end of season 6, Angela has a baby boy, Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins.


Season 1Edit

The first clue to Hodgins' attraction towards Angela occurs in this episode. When Angela and her boyfriend go on a vacation in the desert, Hodgins is shown looking at their photos. When seeing one of Angela in a bathing suit, he says "Whoa, Angela"

After Angela makes a comment about asking for a baby tee that says "The Big Easy", Hodgins makes a comment about them all hoping for that. Angela looks at him in confusion when he adds, "for you, I mean." Hodgins seems to be a little embarrassed by this slipping out, but Angela smiles. Angela worries about Brennan, but Hodgins assures her, and walks away awkwardly, while she smiles.This is the episode where the Hodgins and Angela flirting first begins.

Season 2Edit

Bones and her team are investigating a murder of a young man who had a relationship to his girlfriend much like Romeo had to Juliet. Hodgins identifies the rose the boy was clutching as "the rose by any other name". In the episode's closing, Hodgins lays a rose on Angela's desk before departing the lab.

Hodgins and Angela are making fun of a victim in the lab. Angela jokingly says she's going to hell, and Hodgins says he'll save her a seat. Angela smiles while Cam watches on.

Upon completing a reconstruction, Hodgins tells Angela "I could kiss you", to which she replies, smiling, "That would require my permission, and I deny". Hodgins later says to Angela, "Love is in the purified, ionized, lab air. Why should we resist?"

Hodgins asks Angela out on their first date. She rejects at first due to them being co-workers but, after getting advice from Bones and Cam, accepts. He takes Angela to the playground where they play on the swings. Even though they are having a great first date, Angela suspects that the only way the relationship will end is badly but Hodgins asks what if it doesn't and Angela says just friends. They decide to stay friends for their friends sake.

When buried alive in a car with Dr. Brennan, Hodgins reveals to her the he is in love with Angela. He writes a note to her in their language and sticks it in his shirt pocket. After being rescued Hodgins is sent the hospital but escapes and is found by Angela in the lab. He tells her that the Grave Digger buries people alive underground and he wants to stop him by any way he can. He also admits to Angela that he can't sleep because he's afraid that if he closes his eyes, he will wake up in the car underground again. She tells him that he should come to her place, so when he wakes up, Hodgins will see her.

During this episode, Hodgins stays with Angela because she's afraid of the film she has to watch to find clues. At the end, she is so afraid she even asks him if she could stay at his place.

Hodgins and Angela "christen" a replica of Cleopatra's bed slated to be put on exhibit. He also asks her to move in with him

As of this episode, Hodgins has asked Angela to marry him twice, but she declines saying the something doesn't "feel right". She does, however, encourage him to keep trying.

Hodgins surprises Angela with a "Be My Love" proposal (written in glow-in-the-dark shrimp) and tells her that he likes their relationship just the way it is. Angela is so surprised and happy. She asks Hodgins to marry her immediately and he accepts.

During Angela and Hodgins wedding, they are interrupted because it was revealed that Angela is technically already married in Fiji. They leave the wedding and tell everyone to enjoy the reception, in search of Angela's "husband".

Season 3Edit

Angela uses hypnotism to find out who her husband from Fiji is. After many tries she sees a wasp and referring to a book she'd been reading in Fiji, where she finds a picture of her husband, Grayson Barasa.

Season 4Edit

  • Episode 2: Yanks in the U.K. 2

After getting the divorce papers signed and dealing with Cam's affair with Angela's ex-husband they confront their feelings about what happened. Angela believes that Hodgins doesn't think she can be faithful and by saying so Hodgins recognizes that Angela doesn't think he believes in her. Seeing as they don't trust each other completely they call off their engagement.

  • Episode 17: The Salt in the Wounds

After Roxie breaks up with Angela because she needs to "think about the future"; Angela intiates rebound sex with Hodgins. He says he'll always be there to comfort her. She said she didn't need comfort, she needed a good tumble. She then says she's fine about Roxie. They talk about how relationships need futures to be relationships and can't just be moments because moments pass.

Season 5Edit

Angela and Hodgins get married in jail at the end of this episode as they had reconnected over being so close in the jail cell.

  • Episode 21: the Boy with the Answers

Angela and Hodgins tell their friends that they got married.

Angela's father arrives in town to get Hodgin's to steal his car back after losing it in a poker game. Once Hodgins gets it back, Angela's father gives it to Hodgins. The show concludes with Angela and Hodgins getting into the car and Angela talking about how Booth and Brennan are moving on and how they're just staying normal. Hodgins says to Angela let's go to Paris and she obviously agrees since she loves Paris inevitably ending with a happy moment of them both going to Paris together as their honeymoon trip.

Season 6Edit

Angela and Hodgins return from Paris and Angela reveals to Bones that she is pregnant with Hodgins' child. However, they want to keep it a secret from their other friends for the time being.

Angela and Hodgins officially announce that Angelas pregnant although everyone knew they made a good effort to act surprised for Hodgins even though they think they acted it out good it wasn't good enough and Hogins finds out and he's okay with it.

  • Episode 10

Hodgins buys Angela a house she loves. They move there together.

Angela gives birth to a baby boy named Micheal Staccato Vincent Hodgins. Micheal doesn't turn out to be blind and is a fine young baby. 

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Season 7Edit

  • Episode:5

Michael Vincent is not falling asleep for weeks. Hodgins and Angela are having big cups of coffee. Angela's father arrives and offers to watch the baby. At first the parents do not allow it but are then persuaded. When they come back home they found that Michael is asleep while listening to very loud Texas music.

Season 8Edit

Angela and Hodgins were drugged by Christopher Pelant and they woke up to find a dead body above their heads. Michael has petals around his crib. At the end of this episode Hodgins has to choose between keeping his money or save a Girls School. He ends up choosing the Girls School, and in return Hodgins' savings are completely drained.

Season 9Edit

The couple decide that they want a second child.

Season 11 Edit

Hodgins agrees to have more children after hestitating about it the previous episode. When Hodgins collapses near the end of the episode, it is found out he has localized trauma from the blast earlier in the episode, and suffered an epidural hematoma. Angela breaks down in tears when finding out Hodgins is paralyzed.

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