Dr. Beth Mayer is a Forensic Anthropologist who assisted Dr. Temperance Brennan in The Carpals in the Coy-Wolves. She is portrayed by Betty White. Brennan stated that she has been for three years working longer than Camile Saroyan, Jack Hodgins, and herself combined. She was the creator of the graphic simulator that the Angelatron is based on when she used to be called by the last name Brinkley. Dr. Mayer said that she was married six times. She hardly ever misses anything and that is proven when she notices that Oliver Wells was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. She stated that she is around a lot of older men with the same problem. During the case, she went to Limbo to catalogue the bones of every victim to create a digital database for Limbo. During the case, Brennan began to grow jealous of Dr. Mayer, but she still said that she was honored to work with her.

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