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Caroline Julian is a prosecutor and works in the U.S. Attorney's office. She is portrayed by Patricia Belcher.

"Dr. Brennan, I like you - on and off." - Caroline to Bones, "The Knight on the Grid"

"I did not hear that." - Caroline's signature line.

"I messed myself." - On the Gravedigger's death.

Her first appearance was in the first season episode, "The Man in the Morgue", which was followed by three more appearances in the second season in Judas on a Pole, The Man in the Mansion and Stargazer in a Puddle. She has a very demanding and bossy attitude, which overpowers even Brennan to a point where Brennan does not even argue with her. She has a deep understanding of the workings of the government and the way cases should be handled, she seems to have a friendship history with Booth and trusts in his instincts and beliefs when working on cases, although she often seems wary of their less orthodox methods. She has appeared numerous times to have Booth and Brennan in court and to solve their cases. She revealed to Booth in The Teacher in the Books that she struggled to become who she is now and that she is on the board of the United Teaching Fellows.

Caroline: I grew up with nothing, Cherie. Noone should have to fight like I did just to get a decent education
In the alternative reality episode The End in the Beginning, Caroline works for Booth and Brennan's night club as their legal counsel.

Not much is known about Caroline's family life. She was once married to David Barron, a defense attorney who has also served as her main opponent in court, and they have a daughter who studied at MIT during season 2. She is revealed to be divorced in season 8, The Blood From the Stones. She has also developed a new relationship with a man named Andrew Jursic.

Although her place of birth and background have not as yet been discussed explicitly on camera, Caroline calls those close to her "cher(m)/chérie(f)" and is prone to making references to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. She first appeared in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. She has a pronounced sweet tooth in her early scenes, ordering a beignet in her first moments, and later guarding her plate of doughnut holes from Booth in "Judas on a Pole" until she herself feels ready to share.

She drives a 40 year old yellow AMC Gremlin with synthetic-panther-covered seats. Although it has an accident almost destroying the front part, during season 2 (in Judas on a Pole), it's seen again in later seasons.

In The Mastodon in the Room, Bones observes that Caroline is "the lynchpin" of the group, having been responsible for getting them all back together after they went their separate ways at the end of Season 5, a charge which Caroline, with a twinkle, refuses to understand. Bones declares that "I find I want to hug you", at which Caroline recoils, and requests the returning Booth not to "leave me alone with her".

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