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Ethan Sawyer
D     E     C     E     A     S     E     D
Ethan Sawyer
Date of Death
Portrayed by
Darin Toonder
First Appearance

Ethan Sawyer was Temperance Brennan's grad school friend (no previous mentions) and introduced as a victim in The Past in the Present. His body was found drugged and eaten alive by wolves at a wildlife refuge. Bones was unofficially consulting with Ethan Sawyer on a previous case concerning Christopher Pelant, however apparently Ethan was in a mental institution at the time of the previous victim's death. Ethan may have been the victim in episode 13, however he leaves a triangular clue to Bones and the Jeffersonion within his institution room, written in his own saliva as an unidentifiable code, found by a black light.

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