Ike Latulippe appears in The Finder. She helps Walter Sherman and Leo Knox find the treasure of the Santa Esperanza; a treasure ship that sank during a storm in the spring of 1781. She uses her systems analysis to deduce how criminals work their operations. She acts as a bartender to the bar Booth and Brennan met Walter. She also acts as a pilot to her own personal plane. She takes Walter and Leo wherever they want to go, mostly since Walter believes that flying commercial would mean that "they" would know where you are at all times. Like most people, she believes that Walter needs to get treatment for his brain damage, but Walter is reluctant to do so because he believes that he would lose his "finding mojo" along with "what she calls paranoia." She believes that the only thing Walter can't find is lasting love.

Trivia Edit

  • She never appears in the mini series "The Finder."
  • It is never known why she owes Walter her life for.
  • She speaks in an English accent.

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