Jimmy 'Beaver' Bouvier is the murder victim in The Beaver in the Otter. He was killed by Molly Briggs by accident while forcing himself on her. He had propositioned her for sex as everyone believed they were together, but Molly didn't like him like that. When Beaver started to kiss her after being told no, Molly pulled the trigger on a nail gun she was holding to stop him and Beaver was shot in the chest with a nail. Beaver begged Molly to pull the nail out, but she refused as she knew from TV that that was a bad idea. Beaver pulled the nail out himself and as it had pierced his aorta, bled to death quickly before Molly could call for help. Frightened that she would be charged for murder since everyone believed her and Beaver to be together, Molly put his body in the school mascot costume to cover up his death. With the help of Doctor Lance Sweets and Arastoo Vaziri, Booth and Bones identify Molly as Beaver's killer, but given the circumstances of his death, its unlikely she was charged with anything as it was an accident and he was trying to rape her at the time.

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