Joseph Serrano is the husband of the murder victim Claire Serrano. Booth and Sweets interview him and he appears devastated by his wife's death. Joseph explains, he is a pastor and his whole congregation has been praying for Claire's return. Turns out the first time Claire went missing, she returned with memory loss. "Her amnesia caused her to establish a new identity," says Sweets, who explains to Booth it is a common survival mechanism. Later, Booth discovers from police reports the victim had previously accused Pastor Joseph of assault. Wendell then discovers the victim also had a bullet fragment lodged in her body. The fragment would have been easily removed by a doctor but wasn't. Somebody wanted to remove the bullet and keep it quiet. Booth re-interviews Pastor Joseph. Joseph denies ever having abused his wife. He also denies having an affair with a woman named Karen who was apparently present each time the police were called to investigate calls of domestic abuse.

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