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Judas on a Pole
Season 2, Episode 11
Air date December 13, 2006
Written by Hart Hanson
Directed by David Duchovny
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The Man in the Cell
Season 2 cast
Season 2
August 30, 2006 - May 16, 2007
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DVD release  
Region 1: September 11, 2007
Region 2: October 15, 2007
Region 4: December 3, 2008
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Judas on a Pole is the eleventh episode of the second season of Bones.


The episode begins with a man being shot on a bridge, shoved and tied to a pole, covered with gasoline, and burned. The audience is only able to see the silhouette of the man who killed him.

We then cut to Zack Addy, defending his dissertation in front of several other doctors on the Committee (one of whom is his former teacher and current senior, Dr. Temperance Brennan), as the last step towards getting his doctoral degree. Booth arrives to get Brennan to take her the murder scene; while Brennan is upset at having to leave Zack, Booth acts indifferent towards him. After they leave, Professor Constance Wright asks Zack how he expects anyone to take him seriously when he looks the way he does.

At the crime scene, Brennan discovers that the corpse has something jammed down its throat; back at the Jeffersonian, it is shown to be a coin with a picture of Christopher Columbus's face on it and a piece of paper identifying the man as Garrett Delaney, an ex-FBI agent. Brennan's brother Russ visits her, telling her both that their father called warning them of danger and that he (Russ) can sense that he is being watched, leading Temperance to invite him to stay with her for a few days. In Delaney's apartment, Booth and Brennan find a room filled with pictures of Russ, confirming that he was being stalked. Due to the sniper's range in the pictures, they realize that someone was hunting Russ to kill him.

Zack later reveals to Angela that he hopes to keep working at the Jeffersonian; she warns that, while she wants this, too, Cam would be his boss, and she may not be okay with his appearance.

Angela and Hodgins scan the piece of paper, on which an FBI agent named Gus Harper wrote that he would not help to frame a man named Marvin Beckett, a politically powerful African American rights activist whom the FBI was opposed to, and who was later sentenced to life in prison -- for the murder for Gus Harper. They realize that the FBI killed Harper when he refused to help frame Beckett, then framed Beckett for Harper's murder themselves to discredit him. Harper's wife reveals that Harper had been compiling evidence against the people who were trying to frame Beckett, and hid the evidence in a bank's safe deposit box. Realizing that her parents robbed that bank and stole the evidence, Brennan discusses this with Booth and Russ, and they realize that Russ's and Brennan's father, Max Keenan, was code-named Columbus, and killed Delaney to stop the him from killing Russ.

When asked, Zack tells Dr. Brennan that he does not feel worried about his doctorate and that some people on the board like him, as one scientist patted him on the shoulder with an open hand -- which, according to a body language book Zack read, is a sign of approval. Though Brennan seems skeptical of this, she pats his shoulder in this way when she walks away, pleasing him.

Booth talks to Caroline Julian in the cafe the next day, and they decide to try to get Marvin Beckett acquitted of his charges. Russ brings a pastor named Toby Coulter, who claims to be the lifelong best friend of Max, to the Jeffersonian; he tells them that Max contacted him to tell his kids to drop the case, and that Max loves them. They suspect that Delaney targeted Russ after Max refused to give them Harper's evidence that he stole, to force Max to hand it over. Booth and Caroline manage to convince the judge to reopen the Beckett case and allow the Jeffersonian to preform autopsy on Harper to confirm whether or not Harper was killed as was claimed. The team manages to prove that not all of the bullets in Harper came from the revolver that was claimed to have fired the bullets that killed him; some came from a sniper's rifle. That night, when Booth meets with Russ at the diner to talk about the latter's parole violation, Russ is shot at and almost killed by a sniper.

Due to the inconsistencies in Harper's death, Beckett is released from jail. The triumph of this success is short-lived, though; this event causes FBI Deputy Director Kirby to chew Booth out and "suspend him without pay" (which, according to Cam, is FBI-speak for fired). However, all of Booth's Jeffersonian colleagues want to help him, and decide that the best way to get him his job back is to solve the case. They discover that Harper was killed by a military rifle with homemade rounds. Brennan realizes that if she can get her dad to give her the evidence he stole, she'll be able to get Booth his job back. She later discovers from Father Coulter that Booth has put surveillance on him, and is upset that Booth didn't tell her. They disagree about her father- Brennan is angry that he abandoned her and killed numerous people; while Booth doesn't approve, either, he holds a certain amount of respect for Max's determination to protect his family at all costs, even if the costs are extreme.

Zack asks Dr. Saroyan if she'll give him a job when he gets his doctorate, but she tells him that an important part of their job is appearing in court, and as he looks now, no one will take him seriously. Zack goes to Angela's office to ask for her help, and, after a bit of persuasion, she agrees.

Though Caroline's own job is in jeopardy, she brings Brennan and Booth the sniper's list they asked for. She also brings Marvin Beckett to the Jeffersonian so that he can both thank Booth and Brennan for gaining his freedom and warn them about the people they are up against. After looking at the list and seeing Deputy Director Kirby's name on it, they realize that he is the sniper who is trying to kill Russ. They call Russ to warn him, but he doesn't answer, so they go to Brennan's apartment -- only to find nothing but a giant pool of a fatal amount of blood on the floor. Believing it to Russ's blood, Brennan is hysterical, but Booth manages to calm her down, and Cam uses blood typing to determine that the blood is not Russ's. As Brennan meets Father Coulter in a park, Booth discovers from Caroline that the person named Toby Coulter is actually a 90-year-man who is sick in bed, and that the man who has called himself Father Coulter is an impostor. He leaves in Caroline's car to find Bones, believing her to be in danger. Brennan then discovers that the man she is with is not the lifelong best friend of her father, but rather is Max Keenan himself (which, he reveals, Russ knew from the beginning). Brennan seems to be hurt that Max revealed himself to Russ and not to her, but Max replies that she does better without him, while Russ does worse. He explains that he didn't hand over the evidence to the authorities because his wife Christine felt that if they did, the whole family would be killed, and adds that he is constantly heartbroken by the fact that Christine died anyway. He gives Brennan the key to the safe-deposit box where he has hidden the evidence; Russ then drives up in his car to pick up Max. Brennan tries to handcuff Max, however, he handcuffs her to a bench instead, then moves to leave with Russ (though not before telling Temperance to hold on to the ones she can trust, that he's proud of her, and that he loves her). Booth arrives, and Max tells him to take care of Temperance. Booth starts to try to arrest him, but doesn't at Brennan's unspoken request. He frees her from the fence as Russ and Max leave (though they first run into Caroline's car, much to Booth's chagrin). Max is then shown burning Kirby's body in the same way that he burned Delaney's at the beginning of the episode.

Zack comes to ask Doctor Saroyan for a job again after being made over by Angela; he now has short hair and is wearing a suit, looking much more businesslike. After Zack promises to learn how to act in court, Cam grants his request for a job. They decide to go out to eat at the diner to celebrate, and Zack gains approval from all of his colleagues; Hodgins slips a hat on his head, Angela kisses him on the cheek, Cam pats his arm, and Brennan gives him a big hug, calling him by his new title, "Dr. Addy."

At the diner, Booth arrives and tells Brennan that, thanks to the evidence that she got from her father, Booth got his job back. He also tells her of Kirby's death, and that it was Kirby's blood in her apartment; Max loves her, and burned Kirby's body as a warning to others to stay away from her. He is sympathetic that Brennan had to watch her family drive off without her again. Zack sees Booth with Brennan and waves them both inside; though Booth is reluctant to join, Brennan convinces him to, also asking that Booth pat Zack on the shoulder with an open hand.


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  • "Running Up That Hill" - Placebo
  • "Sea Lion" - Sage Francis


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