Oliver Laurier is one of Bones and Booth's suspects in the Pilot episode. Cleo, the victim, had taken out a restraining order against him, though he claims to have loved her. Booth believes he killed Cleo because of his "unhinged" nature. He is at the Senator's house when the police search it and he is at Ken Thompson's house when Bones shoots Ken for trying to burn the evidence that he murdered Cleo. After shooting Ken, Bones orders him to apply pressure to the wound, but he refuses as he'd rather let Ken die after hearing he was the killer. Booth convinces him to apply pressure however by telling him it can be painful. He later attends Cleo's funeral.

He later appears again in The Bodies in the Book, suspected of being a copycat of the murderer in Bones' book. When visited at his apartment by Booth, he is found to have been roleplaying scenes of the book by hanging dolls bound by red tape in his apartment. He is later discounted as a suspect due to the fact that he fainted at the sight of his own blood after Bones broke his nose.

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