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Oliver Wells
Portrayed by
Brian Klugman
Created by
Hart Hanson
First Appearance

Oliver Wells is an intern first introduced in the season 8 episode The Fact in the Fiction.

Character InformationEdit

He shows substantial knowledge of psychology, anatomy, law, history, and forensic anthropology. Despite his high intelligence, he displays a personality with overly rude, narcissistic, and jerkish traits, and acts like he is completely omniscient and more intelligent than everyone else, (including Dr. Brennan) not treating his superiors with the respect they deserved. He constantly interrupts them, much to their annoyance. In Season 9 Episode 5, The Lady on the List, he is given a bucket list by Angela in order to change his behavior and insult him.

1. Stop being a douche.

2. Seriously, stop being a douche.

3. Work and play well with others, so you can stop being a douche.

He is strongly disliked, Dr. Brennan even bluntly stating that nobody enjoys his company in The Woman in White. Oliver together with all the other interns were invited to Brennan and Booth's Wedding. Pls s
Bones-ep905 womanwhite-sc31 00377
Oliver Wells on the right dressed for Dr Brennan Wedding
YcseetAdded by Ycseet
ee picture.


  • He eats string cheese to help himself think.
  • He is one of the few interns to have a doctorate, he also has a range of Masters degrees in a wide range of subjects.
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