Scott Starret is a character in Bones played by Michael Badalucco.


Starret has lived an exciting life having multiple sons, jobs, and pets.

Season 4

Dr. Brennan's oldest grad student who becomes her assistant in The Finger in the Nest. After the episode, he moves to Arizona to work on an Archaeological Dig there.

Season 10 Edit

Appears as the pilot of a DC-3 airplane in the 200th episode special, where he helps Camile Saroyan flee after she kidnaps Temperance Brennan. He gets in a fight with Booth when he boards the plane and is subsequently knocked unconscious.


  • Starret is middle aged and has held numerous jobs as a Veterinarian Assistant, an EMT, a Park Supervisor, and a Used Car Salesman.
  • As a used car salesman, he sold Hodgins a vintage 1950's hot rod in the late 1990's which broke down a week after being bought.
  • Starret mentioned that he has 4 sons. He even stated they they had acne
  • He has 7 dogs, 14 guinea pigs, and 1 reticulated python.
  • He appears to be fluent in German.

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