The Babe in the Bar is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Bones


Candy impresario Jimmy Walpert (Wayne Knight) addresses introduces the world's largest chocolate bar to a crowd o cheering families. "You're all going to get a gigantic taste of it!" Jimmy announces. Two men saw into the giant bar ... but the blade gets stuck. Suddenly, blood begins to drip out. The bar breaks in half -- and a rotting skeleton is revealed!
B&B arrive on the scene and Booth (David Boreanaz) suggests the victim might be an Oompa Loompa. Bones (Emily Deschanel) doesn't get it, but she does theorize the body belonged to a female in her 20s. The Walpert Co. "chocolate engineer," Scott (Frederick Koehler), explains that the giant confection was put together in a cement mixer. Back at the lab, Vincent (Ryan Cartwright) theorizes the victim was drowned in chocolate. A few of the bones also indicate signs of a struggle.

Camille (Tamara Taylor), meanwhile, helps Michelle (Tiffany Hines) apply for colleges. "I only want to apply to one school," the teenager says. Her choice: a small state college in central Maine. It just so happens Michelle's boyfriend has a football scholarship there. Camille is NOT pleased. "You told me you would support me," the teen says. "This is my future!"

Hodgins (T.J. Thyne), meanwhile, asks Angela (Michaela Conlin) if he can tell everyone about the pregnancy. Angela, well aware everybody already knows, tries to stall. "Everybody is just going to have to act surprised," Angela later tells Camille. Good luck with that. Angela then sends a reconstructed photo of the victim to B&B, who take it to the chocolate factory. Jimmy and Scott identify the photo as a member of the company's research and development team. Turns out the victim had a sister who lived nearby.

Back at the lab, Hodgins prepares to melt the giant chocolate bar so the team can properly examine the bones inside. Camille, however, stops him. She explains she detected gas bubbles near the skull of the dead woman -- her literal last breath. Whatever is in that bubble could contain clues. Vincent proposes cutting out the relevant part and melting the rest. Booth then brings in the victim's sister, who had no idea her sister worked at the chocolate factory. The FBI agent hands over the victim's resume as proof. "These are all lies," the sister says. Later, Booth does a little more digging and discovers the victim had a long history of faking resumes to get jobs in different industries. Hmm.

Vincent, in the meantime, examines the bones -- freed from the chocolate. Bones enters and immediately notices the wound on the arm isn't indicative of signs of struggle. In fact, the wound happened months prior to the victim's death, but was never set properly. "Maybe six months ago she didn't have access to medical treatment," Vincent says. "Or maybe she denied it for some reason."

Hodgins then reports his findings on the gas bubble: the victim had champagne on her breath when she died. Booth, meanwhile, has discovered the woman worked at a sparkling wine outlet at one point in her strange career -- and had reported threatening phone calls from the owner of the place, Lawrence Belomo (Cedric Yarbrough). So B&B question the man, who explains he dated Harriet, but was dumped out of the blue. "She quits -- said she needed her space," Belomo says. He also reveals he once had a "fling" with Geneva (Jackie Geary), the victim's sister. "Geneva was nuts," Belomo says. "Those girls hate each others' guts."

Before you can say "plot twist," Geneva is back in the hot seat. "I got a little crazy when Lawrence dumped me, but I couldn't believe he fell for her act," the sister says. Still, Geneva denies hurting her sibling. Vincent, meanwhile, confirms the victim was suffocated in chocolate. Even better, he has found a small rock-like object embedded in the victim's arm wound. Later, Sweets (John Francis Daley) urges Camille to let Michelle make her own college decision. "Let this play itself out," the shrink advises. Camille frowns.

The foreign object, in the meantime, turns out to be a bug found primarily in Indonesia. And wouldn't you know it? A chocolate-industry competitor of the Walpert Co. has a cocoa bean plantation in the country. Booth takes a closer look at Harriet's various resumes and notes every company the woman worked for became "a victim of corporate espionage." Harriet's true employer while she was working at Walpert was the competitor, Ambrosia Chocolates. Harriet was a spy! B&B high five each other.

Later, Booth interviews Gail Slevin (Kristen O'Meara), president of Ambrosia. The woman has apparently been trying to buy out Walpert for years. "We have proof that the victim worked for you," says Booth, threatening to charge the woman with corporate espionage. Slevin sighs -- and admits Harriet was a spy. Turns out the victim cut her arm in Indonesia and couldn't get proper medical care for it. "She called me last week," Slevin says. "She said Jimmy Walpert was onto her. I told her to be careful. Jimmy has a temper."

Back at the lab, Vincent uncovers evidence the victim's finger was twisted shortly before death. B&B, meanwhile, head to Walpert chocolate where Jimmy is loudly chewing out another employee for all the bad press the murder investigation is causing. Jimmy then yells (and pushes) Booth, who immediately arrests him. Later, Walpert implies Scott might have been more than friendly coworkers with Harriet. B&B do some checking and discover Scott bought a wedding ring shortly before the victim died. Could he have twisted it off her finger before pushing her into chocolate?

Unfortunately, the team needs more hard evidence -- and Camille has it. The second chocolate bubble contained a trace amount of blood. And the blood belongs to Scott. Bingo. Later, a crying Scott explains he shared "everything" with Harriet before he found out she was a spy. He was crushed and furious at the betrayal. Case closed.

But not the episode. Hodgins has arranged for everybody to meet at the local tavern to share the big "news." "Angela and I are going to have a baby!" Hodgins announces. Bones, Camille, Vincent and Sweets try to fake surprise, but it's a lame attempt. "They knew?" Hodgins asks Angela. "I can't believe you told them without me." But it's OK. Hodgins smiles and the Jeffersonian gang toasts the new family. Cheers.


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  • This episode references Harriet the Spy.
  • Angela reveals that she is pregnant to the team but no one is surprised.

I don't know what that meansEdit

  • Booth says "Hey maybe it was an oompa-loompa." and Brennan says "I dont know what that is"


"I can tell you something I've noticed...  I'm sort of off chocolate." - Camille Saroyan

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