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The Bones on the Blue Line
Season 5, Episode 15
Air date April 1, 2010
Written by Carla Kettner
Directed by Chad Lowe
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The Devil in the Details
The Parts in the Sum of the Whole
Season 5 cast
Season 5
September 17, 2009 - May 20, 2010
Season 5 is available on Blu-Ray/DVD  

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DVD release  
Region 1: October 5, 2010
Region 2: October 18, 2010
Region 4: October 27, 2010
Season 4 Season 6

The Bones on the Line is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of Bones


A subway train Sweets is riding gets derailed by flood water, and the overflow subsequently reveals human remains. While the team studies the remains back at the lab, Sweets suffers post traumatic stress. Meanwhile, Brennan is interviewed by a Japanese journalist about her latest novel and learns some uncomfortable things about what people think about her books.


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  • The opening subway scene was filmed in the Earthquake subway set on the Universal Studios Backlot, which is part of the Studio Tour. The station itself was based off of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which is the reason it differs in interior design than the other East-Coast based stations in the film. 
  • The train car and stations more closely resemble the New York City subway than the DC Metro.
  • The creation myth that Brennan references in the denouement is from Aristophanes's Speech in Plato's Symposium.


Booth: We're here about the human remains.
Subway Worker: (points to Marco) Well, that's him, right over there.
Bones: No uh, the skeleton.
Subway Worker: Oh uh, right.
Hodgins: You told brennan about the thing i do? That's my thing. That i do. Did you tell her that it was my thing?
Angela: you mean did i give you credit?
Hodgins: Yes, did you?
Hodgins: Good. Cause i don't need her lookin' at me thing about that thing i do.
Angela:Well thats good then
Hodgins: But now that thing I do is in print and every guy that reads that book is going to give it a shot.
[sighs] Oh, well. You know I got other things that I do.
Angela: [Chuckles]
Hodgins: My advice only sleep with guys that can't read, cause otherwise you'll never be rid of me.
Eddie: So now are you going to "inform the record" on what to show on that?
Booth: There's nobody in there.

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