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The Boy with the Answer is the twenty-first episode of the fifth season of Bones


The Jeffersonian team and prosecutor Caroline Julian  work to convict Heather Taffet aka the Gravedigger  who is defending herself at her trial. Brennan, Booth, and Hodgins are forced to drop their own charges against Taffet once they discover the missing remains of a young boy who was killed by the Gravedigger, so they could work and testify against Taffet. Believing Taffet will not be convicted, Brennan's father tries to kill her with a sniper rifle, but Booth is able to stop him and Max is jailed until the trial is over. After several attempts at finding evidence that Taffet successfully argues against, Hodgins discover a dust mite from the boy's mouth that contains the DNA of Taffet, left there when he bit her. This evidence proves successful and the jury convicts Taffet of kidnapping and murder, but Taffet warns Brennan "that it's not over". The team later celebrate over drinks at the Founding Fathers bar.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

Featured MusicEdit

  • "Seen Enough" - Dryer


Production error: When Booth and Bones are hugging, from one camera angle her head is on his right shoulder and from the other it's on his left.

I don't know what that meansEdit


Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Brennan's nightmare is take place in 19th century about the Gravedigger.

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