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The Bullet in the Brain is the eleventh episode of the sixth season of Bones


Sweets rides with the Gravedigger to her appeal and she torments him by psychologically needling him. When they arrive at the courthouse, the Gravedigger is unexpectedly shot, blowing her apart and spattering Sweets and Booth with blood and brain matter. Later, Sweets is visibly affected by the Gravedigger's words about his being a "weak link" and no one listening to his advice.

Meanwhile, the team tries to figure out who could have made such a clean shot from so far away and narrows down the list of suspects, which includes Booth since he is a notable sniper. Max tries to exonerate his name by giving Temperance his receipts so she knows where he was during the shooting.

Hodgins is happy at the Gravedigger's death, upsetting Angela although he feels better after talking to Sweets. Later, Caroline chastises Sweets for letting the Gravedigger get to him, and Sweets decides that she can't hurt him anymore.

Booth and Brennan narrow down the list of names to Jacob Ripkin Broadsky a sniper friend of Booth's who purchased land under Booth's name. When Booth goes to confront him, Ripkin runs away and expresses no remorse for killing a serial killer.

Brennan later reassures her father that she believed him about not shooting the Gravedigger and smiles as he gives her a conch shell. Booths looks on as Max walks away


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  • Heather Taffet said that she was not the only one responsible. Which would suggest she most likely had an unknown accomplice helping her.

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