The Dentist in the Ditch is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of Bones


Booth and Brennan are called in when a skeleton is found in the trenches of a Civil War battleground. Brennan determines that the remains are those of a present-day dentist, but a residue stuck on the bones is keeping the cause of death from being determined. Meanwhile, Booth's brother Jared returns with interesting news. Jared has fallen in love and is going to be married to Padme Dalaj.

Plot Synopsis Edit

A Civil War reenactment is underway when one unfortunate Confederate discovers a skeleton buried in the dirt. "That's one of them Yankees that we killed!" the solider says. Back at the Jeffersonian, Booth (David Boreanaz) is back home. Turns out lil' bro has fallen in love while traveling. Before the FBI guy has a chance to react, he gets a call: time to get to the murder scene.

Moments later, Booth and Bones (Emily Deschanel) investigate the skeleton, which the latter identifies as a modern man -- no Civil War soldier here. The bones, which are almost completely encased in a block of clay, suddenly begin to emit spiders! Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) notes this particular species is not native to where the body was found. Hmm.

Booth, in the meantime, meets his little bro's new girlfriend, Padme (Dilshad Vadsaria). The two appear to be very much in love, but Booth is suspicious. Back at the lab, Bones notices "occupational markers" consistent with various careers, including dentistry. Vincent (Ryan Cartwright) then commences cleaning the clay from the skeleton.

B&B then head to the home of the victim, where they find Lucas (Greg Pitts), a contractor living over the garage, watching football. He is shocked to discover his employer is dead. "Why would I kill Danny?" Lucas asks. "He owes me $3,000." The man then explains the victim had a terrible breakup with his ex, Christopher (Cameron Bender). B&B then head to Christopher's house. He explains as soon as Danny's practice took off, the dentist dumped him. Bones then notices an arrowhead in a nearby tree. "I'm gay and I hunt -- get over it," Christopher says.

Back at the lab, Vincent dismisses the possibility of an arrow killing the victim, saying a wound on the victim's sternum just isn't deep enough. "It could very easily have been post mortem," the intern theorizes. Vincent then has a brainstorm: rhubarb! Turns out the properties of the plant contain an acid which can more quickly dissolve the clay.

Booth, in the meantime, brings in the victim's dental hygienist, Grace (Fay Masterson), for questioning. The woman filed a complaint against her employer for giving her Hepatitis C. "Dan nicked me during a procedure," says the woman, who is obviously lying. Grace then admits to cheating on her husband and blaming the victim as an excuse.

The rhubarb, meanwhile, has done its job. "He was still active in sport," Vincent says. The injuries are consistent with a football. So B&B do a little research and discover Danny played for a local team. Coach Hendler (Robert Gant) is shocked to discover the player has been murdered. When Bones suggests the man might have been killed because he was gay, the coach laughs. Turns out the entire team is comprised of gay men. Bones then finds blood inside Dan's football helmet -- and the location is consistent with marks on the skeleton. Was he hit just a little too hard at practice? The players say "no."

Back at the lab, Booth runs a background check on Padme and discovers she used to be escort. Big bro wonders if little bro knows -- and whether it would affect his plans to marry the young lady. Camille (Tamara Taylor), in the meantime, discovers more blood on a towel taken from the practice field. The towel belonged to Dan, but the blood belongs to Cyd (Eltony Williams), an opposing player. Turns out Dan recently forced Cyd to fumble, thus costing the latter to fumble. The two then had a post-game fistfight. Another suspect, to be sure.

Later, Booth tells Jared his girl was arrested for prostitution four years prior. Jared is FURIOUS. "Go to hell!" he yells. Cyd is then brought in for questioning. The tough guy admits to calling the victim a "fag," but denies killing him. It doesn't take long for Booth to get Cyd to admit he is gay, too. The two used to date, but secretly. "The only time I was happy was with Danny," Cyd says. "I don't expect you to understand." Back at the lab, Vincent discovers three fractures on the skull.

"His forehead exploded from the inside out," the intern says. Turns out the victim was killed and buried in the dirt, where seeds worked their way into his skull. The seeds then sprouted, causing the forehead to burst outward. "So head trauma was not cause of death," says a disappointed Bones. "We have no cause of death."

Montage time! Bones examines the now bleached skeleton, measuring, staring through a microscope and consistently furrowing her brow. It's all worth it, though. When the montage ends, Bones announces she has found a small, previously unexamined nick on a particular bone. Vincent takes a look and concludes it is consistent with a dental saw. Hodgins' then notes the spiders could have come from the same part of Virginia where dental-hygienist Grace makes her home. "That should be enough for an arrest," Camille notes. So B&B hop in the car and head out to confront the lady.

On the way, they discuss Jared and Padme. Bones notes Booth has long said that "love conquers all" -- so why is the FBI agent so consumed with the past of little brother's GF? Booth mulls it over. B&B then arrive at Grace's home, which has a fairly new driveway -- one closely resembling the victim's own. Grace explains she used the same contractor, Lucas. Back at the lab, Vincent examines Lucas's paving tool -- and discovers the victim's blood. Uh oh. Before you can say "guilty," Lucas is brought in to sit in the hot seat.

He admits to arguing with Daniel over a job. "Dan knocked me down and started kicking me, so I grabbed the scraper and swung it at him to get him off of me," Lucas explains. So it was self defense. The only problem is the contractor, who had been stealing from the victim, then dumped the body in a ditch. Case closed.

But not the episode. B&B convene to a bar, where they meet Jared and Padme. "Whatever you want to say, you can say to both of us," little brother says. Padme explains she told Jared about her past -- and the two will soon be getting married. Jared then asks Booth to be his best man. So love conquers all, after all. Bones offers a toast to love. Everyone clinks glasses and sips. A happy ending.


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  • "What's in The Middle" - The Bird and The Bee


Robert Gant, who played Coach Jason Hendler of the gay football team the Cardinals, was a regular on the US edition of Queer as Folk (2000).

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Hodgins: Do you know what Vincent Nigel-Murray is? He's a genius!
Brennan: Yes, but so are we all. Except for Angela.

Angela: Oh, right, and yet, who do you turn to when you need pretty pictures?

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