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The Don't in the Do is the ninth episode of the seventh season of Bones.


This episode starts with a group of people standing in front of a rubbish dump, hoping to dedicate the ground to build a church. Above their heads, a group of seagulls is flying around them. They drop dead, and the crowd goes into a panic when an eye is found in one of their mouths. At the lab, Arastoo acts uncharacteristically excited for unclear reasons. In Booth's and Brennan's relationship, Brennan begins to feel uncomfortable with her post baby body, and Booth tries to think of a way to help her.


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Using wool carders on the hair bundles wouldn't sperate the hair into their respective owners. It would only clean, untangle and intermix the hair on the carder into a webbed bundle. Tweezers would be much better, although unmixing the hair would be a monumentously difficult if not impossible to do.

Odds are, Brennan and Booth would have noticest the scalp on the mannequin almost immediately. The flesh would've began rotting within hours and would've been very smelly. 

When Arastoo's article is pulled in favour of a puff piece by Selena Gomez, Brennan expresses ignorance of Selena Gomez's true identity, believing that she is a doctor rather than a pop star.


  • Brennan, while at the spa with Angela: "You know that the ancient Egyptians used self-adorment to... Who cares about the Egyptians. Aah, haha... This feels wonderful."

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