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The Fact in the Fiction is the seventeenth episode of the eighth season of Bones.


The episode opens with a scene of a retired investment banker driving a tractor on his newly acquired farm. The banker has decided to take up farming in "God's Country". While driving the tractor he smells a terrible odor, and he sees a decomposed body directly in front of him. In a panic, he runs over it and screams. Bones and Booth arrive to investigate the scene, and they are heard discussing the subject of asteroid mining. Bones asks the banker/farmer why he ran over the body, and Cam suggests that the investment banker's lack of experience with the tractor caused him to accidentally run over the body. Booth states that the shallow grave suggests that the victim was murdered. Hodgins says the insect larvae indicate that death occurred 5 days ago.

Booth asks Hodgins and Cam for their opinions on asteroid mining, and Hodgins says it's the only way the species will survive when Earth's natural resources are depleted. Bones insists they get back to the murder victim, and she points out puncture marks, suggesting heavy scavenging by coyotes. The head of the body is missing, and the team agrees that coyotes probably ran off with it. Booth points out that identifying the victim will be difficult without the head. 

Later, when Booth and Bones are at the diner, a blood covered man runs in with a bag. Booth draws his gun to protect Bones, and he orders the man to put the bag down.The victim's skull pops out of the bag. The man introduces himself as Bones' new intern. Booth and Bones exchange puzzled looks. 

Back at the Jeffersonian, Bones asks Cam why she wasn't notified about the new intern. Cam asks Bones if she had read all her emails, and Bones admits she hasn't. Cam says the new intern is enthusiastic and dedicated, pointing out that he retrieved the skull from a coyote's den six miles away from the crime scene. Bones counters by saying the intern put the skull in a recycled plastic bag, which might have contaminated the evidence. However, Hodgins states that he likes the new intern, referring to him as his "brother from another mother". Suddenly the team notices that the victim's nostrils are glowing.

Sweets and Booth go to an auto shop owned by the victim's brother. The glowing substance is thought to have come from there. An employee of the auto shop claims that Benji (the victim) was killed by Courtney, the victim's ex-girlfriend, because of an argument over Benji's truck. Courtney becomes a prime suspect and is taken to the FBI building for questioning.


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  • Dr Wells stated that "energy is neither created nor destroyed", according to the laws of thermodynamics. What Dr Wells was referencing was the first law of thermodynamics, which is a version of the law of conservation of energy.

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