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The Fury in the Jury

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The Fury in the Jury
Season 9, Episode 9
Air date November 15, 2013
Written by Sanford Golden & Karen Wyscarver
Directed by Dwight Little
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The Dude in the Dam
The Mystery in the Meat
This is the ninth episode of the ninth season of Bones.


Brennan is a juror on the case of professional soccer player Peter Kidman (guest star Brandon Quinn) who is accused of murdering his wife. When she uses pure objectivity to help prove the killer not guilty, his best friend and a key witness in the case turns up dead. The Jeffersonian team must work together to prove that the soccer star was in fact guilty of killing both his wife and his friend



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  • Both the title and the premise of the episode is a reference to the 1957 film, 12 Angry Men.

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