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The Heiress in the Hill is the fifteenth episode of the ninth season of Bones.


Brennan receives a check for $75,000 from book sales and asks Booth to deposit it. Booth balks at her request as the amount was "more than I make in a year." They get a call to a crime scene at Antietam. In the midst of the investigation, Hodgins receives a visit from a Dr. Rozran and discovers that he has an older brother named Jeffrey who has schizoaffective disorder and has been residing at a private mental health facility for the past three decades. Throughout the episode, Hodgins struggles with feelings of guilt and anger as he wonders what if his parents had told him about Jeffrey. His personal fortune having been drained in the previous season by hacker-murderer Christopher Pelant (see episode "The Corpse on the Canopy"), Hodgins is distressed that he is financially unable to assist his brother and that Jeffrey will have to move to a state institution. He later finds out that Jeffrey overheard the conversation and ran away as he did not want to leave. 

The victim, later identified as Lauren Frank, turns out to be the missing daughter of a business magnate. Initially Booth and the squints hypothesize that Lauren was kidnapped as revenge against or to extort money from her father. The evidence does not add up, leading them to conclude that it was staged. 

Booth learns of Hodgins' dilemma and, with Brennan's blessing, offers to donate the $75,000 check. Although grateful at the gesture, Hodgins refuses and decides to take a loan instead. At the end of the episode, Booth and Brennan are seen having their usual post-case drinks at Founding Fathers. They agree to open a joint account for convenience. He tells her he has decided to "invest" the money in the Wounded Warrior Project.


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  • Half Light by Fossil Collective


Brennan: Men are so foolish when it comes to money. It's why we have so many wars. You like your loot covered in blood and sweat. It's the only way you can do it.

Booth: So I'm Atilla the Hun now?


Booth: Take the files. Go shrink them. Shrink it down.

Sweets: I don't shrink files. I read them.

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Promo for "The Heiress In The Hill" BONES FOX BROADCASTING00:24

Promo for "The Heiress In The Hill" BONES FOX BROADCASTING

Hodgins May Not Be An Only Child from "The Heiress In The Hill" BONES FOX BROADCASTING01:21

Hodgins May Not Be An Only Child from "The Heiress In The Hill" BONES FOX BROADCASTING

Joint Accounts from "The Heiress In The Hill" BONES FOX BROADCASTING01:26

Joint Accounts from "The Heiress In The Hill" BONES FOX BROADCASTING


The Wounded Warrior Project is a real-life organization which assists wounded veterans. Booth is a US Army veteran.

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