The Secret in the Soil is the fourth episode of the third season of Bones.


Booth and Brennan are called to investigate a decomposed body found on the grounds of a defunct VA hospital. The body, belonging to the founder of an organic supermarket chain, was indicated by its unusually high temperature to have been incinerated. The team discovers a double homicide when flesh from another body is found, which turns out to have belonged to the first victim's daughter. Meanwhile, the FBI forces Booth and Brennan to undergo psychiatric counseling with Dr. Lance Sweets

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The title of this episode is referenced in Season 6 Episode 20 by Hodgins.
The German cannibal mentioned by Zack and Hodgins is most likely a reference to Armin Meiwes.

I don't know what that meansEdit


Booth: No way.
Brennan: Way.

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