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The Sense in the Sacrifice is the fourth episode of ninth season of Bones.


In this season twister, Pelant is back with vengeance for murder. Booth, Bones and the Jeffersonian "squints" try to draw him out using a fake murder. They use the body of a man who willed his body to the Jefforsonian, spending hours removing flesh and other body parts. They plan to draw out Pelant by posing the body to mimic the punishment of Prometheus, but the plan backfires when the body is switched with that of the FBI's own Agent Flynn. The body is taken back to the lab where Brennan confirms that the body they found was FBI Agent Flynn. While going over the remains, Brennan finds an anomaly on one of the bones that causes her to visit Limbo to confirm her suspicions that Pelant mimicked a wound found on the some bone from an unsolved case. Pelant shows up while she is there, and places a grenade on the table, and he informs her of a potential female serial killer being responsible for several unsolved cases that seemed unrelated. He then "arms" the grenade, with Brennan frozen in place so not to set it off. Later, Booth arrives and finds the bomb to be a fake. Trying to catch Pelant, Bones goes her own way and finds his hide-out. Booth, being the protective man he is, follows her. He arrives to find Bones being held captive. He shoots Pelant, who falls dead. In the end, Booth finally tells Bones about the secret that he had been forced to keep, and he proposes to her.


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Promo for "The Sense in the Sacrifice" BONES FOX BROADCASTING00:23

Promo for "The Sense in the Sacrifice" BONES FOX BROADCASTING


  • Aldo Clemens, the bartender, tells Brennan that Booth has a 'tortured soul'. In the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, David Boreanaz played a vampire named Angel with a tortured soul.

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