The Shot in the Dark is the fifteenth episode of the eighth season of Bones.


Bones and the gang ID yet another dead body -- this time a man found underneath a very, very high bridge. A job well done, Bones heads home to put her daughter to bed. "Perhaps she will enjoy Humpty Dumpty," she quips. At home, Bones and Booth get into a argument because she isn't spontaneous enough. Angry, Bones heads back to the lab to work. She explains to security guard Hal that it appears the most recent victim was pushed from the bridge.

Later, Bones is alone when she is shot by some sort of dart by a blurry figure. She collapses. Booth and Christine show up at the lab and find wife/mom unconscious. "Bones, stay with me!" Booth barks. "You have to fight!" Bones is rushed to the hospital. We then go inside Bones's head where the good doctor greets her mother. In this dreamscape, the two are about the same age. "I'm hallucinating," Still, Bones tells her all about Booth and Christine before trying to flee. "You're still the most stubborn girl on God's green Earth," mom says. Yells Bones: "I don't believe in God!" Again, very, very stubborn.

Meanwhile, doctors struggle to bring Bones back to consciousness on an operating table. It looks very dire. Will Bones ever wake up? Camille, in her scrubs, goes out to the waiting room and explains to Booth that Bones is stable. "Her heart stopped ... twice," Camille says. "Any word on the shooter?" No, but turns out Hal was found dead on the second floor of the lab. Back at the lab, the team examines the crime scene. Clark even joins the hunt for Bones's attacker. There is no bullet. None of it seems to make any sense.

At the hospital, Bones wakes up and tells Booth that she felt cold where she was "shot." Max joins Booth and his daughter, too. Booth then informs his wife that she was dead for an entire two minutes. At the lab, Hodgins suggests an ice bullet. "It's technically possible and it would explain why no bullet was found in her body," he explains. Sweets, in the meantime, interviews everybody who was inside the Jeffersonian at the time of the attacks, but finds no leads.

Angela then arrives with interesting news. It turns out that marks on the dead body found under the bridge match those of a taser weapon carried by Hal. Did Hal kill the man on the bridge? "Ok, but then who killed Hal?" Clark asks. Good question. Sweets and his former lover Olivia then search the dead man's apartment. They find evidence that the man had very expensive tastes -- far too expensive for his salary -- and that there is evidence of a struggle. Olivia, who says that her one-night fling with Sweets was no big deal, finds confetti.

At the hospital, Angela tells Bones that the confetti was discharged from Hal's taser. So Hal went to the apartment and tased the man, who had a heart attack and died -- before he was tossed from the bridge. Just then, Bones flatlines. Once again, she sees her mother. They recall the last time they saw each other. Bones was 15. She went to bed and never saw mom again. "We had a fight, you and I," Bones says. "We fought before the night you disappeared." Turns out that they argued over a boy. Mom told daughter not to be so emotional. "You took my advice and never changed yourself for another person ever again, so you'd never be hurt," mom observes.

Back in the hospital, Bones's heart is back to beating. "Will you stop scaring us like that?!" Max says. There was some sort of mishap with the medicine and Bones's blood. Bones then explains that she saw her mother. "I went to another place," she says. "You really think I could actually be seeing my mother?" Says Booth: "Yes, I do." Back at the lab, Hodgins tests the ice bullet, but it doesn't work. So then he tests a blood bullet -- frozen blood that would mix with the victim's own. It works, and leaves no exit wound. Camille is so excited she kisses Hodgins. "You're welcome!" Hodgins calls as Camille exits.

She heads to Clark, who is taking another look at Hal's body. They spot what looks to be a puncture wound behind the security guard's ear. They find flecks of something shiny. Hodgins determines it's gold paint and wood flakes from a 12th century artifact found right there in the Jeffersonian. It looks like Hal, the dead man, and the shooter were all in on it together and after the artifact. Booth and Olivia head to the department where the artifact is housed to interview Dr. Batuhan. They find the equipment needed to create a blood bullet and to fire it among all the restoration tools. The doctor says nothing.

Dr. Batuhan is interviewed by Booth and Olivia. It appears as if the doctor has been stealing original artifacts and paintings for some time and replacing them with carefully crafted fakes. So Hal gave the artifacts to the dead man, who packs them in his private jet to avoid customs. Then Dr. Batuhan would fly with the dead man to authenticate them before they are sold. That's a good theory, anyway, but they lack proof -- a smoking blood gun, if you will. So Bones volunteers to have surgery to see if they can find evidence of the killer's blood inside of her. Under sedation, Bones sees her mom one more time. "We're never going to see each other again," Bones says. Says mom: "We will." She then encourages Bones to lower her guard and find that impulsive little girl again.

Bones awakens to find that the blood matched. He decided to cut all ties, killing the dead man with Hal's stun gun and then killing Hal by bashing him in the head with the artifact. Booth and Bones embrace. Everything will be OK.


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  • Can you help me - Hannah Peel


  • Clark Edison reveals his middle name is Thomas.

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