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The Shot in the Dark is the fifteenth episode of the eighth season of Bones.


Booth and Brennan had a fight about taking a vacation. Booth thinks it will be good for their daughter Christine Booth but Brennan doesn't agree so she goes to the lab to work on the case. While she's working she sees someone. She can't see properly because she has worn her magnification headgear. She think it's Hal, the night guard and then she gets shot. A few minutes later Booth and Christine comes to the lab because they miss Brennan. In the boneroom Booth sees that Brennan has been shot.

She goes to the hospital and Cam and a few other doctors perform surgery. Cam tells Booth that Brennan is stable but that her heart stopped twice and that they couldn't find the bullet.

Later Hodgins finds out that Brennan was shot by a blood bullet (a bullet made of blood) that was frozen. The bullet melted in Brennan's body when she was shot, which explains why they couldn't find a bullet.

While Brennan is "sleeping", she sees her mother Christine in her dream and they talk.


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  • Can you help me - Hannah Peel


  • Clark Edison reveals his middle name is Thomas.

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