The Verdict in the Story is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Bones.


Brennan's father, Max, goes on trial for the alleged murder of FBI Deputy Director Robert Kirby, requiring everyone on the Jeffersonian team but Brennan to testify for the prosecution. Brennan, the forensics advisor for the defense, pleas with her brother Russ, that their father is innocent.


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  • "Fountain" - Sarah Lov


*In a twisted sense of irony, the statement about Bones being able to murder was proven in the following episode, when she shot Pam in the throat with Booth's gun after she had shot Booth.

This marks the first time that John Francis Daley appears in the title sequence.

I don't know what that meansEdit

Booth: "OK. You're not Dr. Brennan today; you're Temperance"
Brennan: "I don't know what that means"


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